Friday, November 8, 2013

. 08/11/13 .

I was talking to my neighbors recently; who’ve moved to Canada from Martinique, and we were discussing winter here in Winnipeg (Manitoba, Canada). They’ve never experienced the kind of winters that we get here. Temperatures frequently drop down to minus 30 and 40 Celsius, and that’s without the wind chill factor (for those of you who are fortunate enough to have never experienced wind chill, that’s what happens when the wind creates an even colder temperature) for example: if it’s -20 outside, but there is a wind chill of -30, that means that it will actually FEEL like 30 below. Anyway, we were discussing what kinds of clothing they’ll need (very soon I might add) in order to be fairly comfortable, and not freeze, get hypothermia, or frostbite (which SUCKS by the way, I know from personal experience). Being that I’ve never lived anywhere but here; it struck me as interesting the often taken-for-granted knowledge we have here about the cold and surviving in this climate. So, I decided, after giving them a list of typical clothing essentials for battling the cold, to create a little illustrated chart of everyday winter attire that we use here in Winnipeg. Some, all, or any combination of these can be worn depending on the day or activities you plan to do (from the female perspective since I was drawing from experience). Hopefully, after reading this you’ll know what you need to KICK WINTER’S BUTT...Or you could just, you know, live where it’s warm like a sane and sensible individual! haha.